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How to post proof of payment

Started by admin 2017-09-25 at 19:02
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Dear members,
on your keyboard top row, after F12 you have a PrtSc - print screen button.
When you click this button, you will take a picture of your screen.
Next, you need to open the Paint program from the start menu in the bottom right corner of the WINDOWS.
When Paint opens, in the top left corner there are options, put, choose.
After you cut the picture, if you want to cut it, you have to host it. There are many free hosting sites.
For example: https://imgbb.com/
Once you have the picture, from Embed codes, you have to select BBCode full linked. With this code you can directly embed the picture in the forum without using the add image or add link options.
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Thank You
hope i will send you soon
Have a nice day
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As you did to get paid, they have not paid me

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