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Important !!!

Started by admin 2017-11-30 at 00:47
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All user deposit / payment transactions exist in PayPal and the other payment processors I use.
Given the circumstances with PayPal, I can give an invoice (s) or a receipt (s) in my investment program https://eveshares.net/ by the end of the year only with a prior arrangement.
Yesterday again I had an abnormal case with PayPal. A user is looking for a $ 20 deposit. He took payments from me for $ 22, I provided a transactions number. Finally, Pepal decided in his favor.
In short, the user deposited $ 20. He has withdrawn $ 22 as a payments from me and is also looking for a deposit. Paypal justified him. From a zero profit for me this is - $ 20. I have appealed today and the case is reviewed and judged for my benefit, but I don't work in PayPal to lose half my day with them.
If a user requests an invoice (s) or a receipt (s) for a deposit in my investment program, he / she must also issue payment invoices received by me.
I know very well that none of the users who work on my sites declare online income but as a conscientious administrator I have to notify the users of my sites.
On the photos below, I'll show an example with my user on all my sites.
The customer invested $ 774 and received $ 744 as my payments. I have a profit of $ 30. But this user also participates in my investment program from which this user has received another $ 340 payment from me. I am at a loss of this user $ 310.
For this reason, I can give an invoice (s) or receipt (s) to a user if he / she first provides me with an invoice (s) for the payments received from me.



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