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Maintenance today / tomorrow between 22:00 / 3:00, + 2 GMT.
Published on 19-09-2017

Today / tomorrow between 22:00 / 3:00, + 2 GMT, I'll make maintenance at
There are many cheat logs, users who are detected to use the same downline or the same password for different accounts, will be blocked.
There are also problems with the Vietnamese. As I mentioned, I have the feeling that half of Vietnam has registered in one of my sites In fact, the real problem is that these users in Vietnam use auto- clicker software and a program that generates fake accounts and fake direct referrals for these accounts.
Subsequently, I receive about 100 requests for withdrawals each day from these fake accounts. These profiles, of course, never make investments, they only make withdrawals. As a result, there is a drain of money from the site, from scammers.
As I mentioned, I will not reinforce the security system because it will start problems with the entry of current members on the site and new registrations.
By my estimation, I will block about 200 profiles.
What security measures will I take?
1. You must use your real name. If you did not use your real name during the registration process, send ticket support, I'll add your real name to your account.
2. For withdrawals via Paypal, you should use the same email address you used when signing up. If the emails are different, you will be able to edit. I'll include an email confirmation option and you'll need to verify your new email every time you change an email address. You will receive automatic confirmation emails.
As you know, for now, the site only works with Paypal and Perfect Money, I'm not ready to let the other payment processors run.
In the photos attached to this post, you can calculate the number of active users.
I define the inactivity settings, and this setting is currently 15 days of inactivity for members. But as you know, does not oblige members to click paid advertisements every day to earn from direct and rented referrals, like all other paid advertising sites.
Rented referrals can be rented for 30 days. Members are not required to visit the site to make money from rented referrals. In this sense, statistics for inactive members may have deviations from the real one.
In any case, with the number of active and upgraded members, it is not possible for the site to have at least 100 payment requests from Vietnamese every day.

You can purchase Upgrade using your Purchase Balance. Information for registered members in Upcoming RR promotion.
Published on 18-09-2017

I made some updates for which I commented.

You can purchase Upgrade using your Purchase Balance.

About the registered members - XM real accounts, you need to provide your identity doc and address verification doc to receive your bonus $ 30 or € 25. Of course, besides the real account, you can also open a demo account with $ 10,000, you don't get bonuses for a demo account/s.

For registered members under my referral link from, I do free training. You can contact me at: And get ready for RR promotion.

The minimum deposit has been reduced from $ 5 to $ 2. EVE Ads became 2 months. Promotion of EVE Ads SHARES.
Published on 01-09-2017

Hello members and friends.

There is a big problem with the Vietnamese. They use some auto-click software, also use some programs that generate direct referrals. I don't want to strengthen the security system, because will start problems during the registration process.

As you know, I've not canceled the mandatory deposit so far, for withdraw. I commented several times that the site is new, became 2 months, several days ago. The cash flow is still not stable. For now, I can not cancel the required deposit, but will decrease it from $ 5 to $ 2.

Another important thing to say. As I mentioned EVE Ads became 2 months, several days ago and in this connection I will make a promotion of the EVE Ads SHARES.

As you know, one Share is $ 5, with a profit of % 4 per day, or $ 6 for 30 days.

According to your membership you can purchase different number of Shares:

Members using Standard membership - up to 10 Shares

Members using Basic membership - up to 100 Shares

Members using Advance membership - up to 300 Shares

Members using Premiun membership - up to 500 Shares

Members using Amazing membership - up to 1000 Shares

From now, the price of 1 share is reduced by % 40, from $ 5 to $ 3. Daily earnings % 6 per day and $ 5.40 monthly respectively, with earnings per share of % 45 or $ 2.40.

The profit of users who currently have $ 5 Shares will increase from % 4 per day to % 6 per day, or from $ 0.20 per day to $ 0.30, for 1 Share.

The promotion is valid for a week, planning for the next weekend promotion for Rented Referrals.

Happy earnings.

PTSU offers XM
Published on 29-08-2017

Hello dear members in!

I apologize for the late payments this week in EVE Ads.

I tried a few days of vacation, which in my case is impossible. Currently, I train people to trade, I trade and work with investors. In addition to this advertising program, I'm starting work on my trading site this week As long as I'm ready with this trading site, I also write in my trade group on Facebook. Facebook

I also post this publication on Facebook Evgenia Gencheva so that more people can see.

I can not engage with yet another group or fan page of EVE Ads.

I want you to pay attention to the partner program in XM. I receive notifications from XM via email when registering new accounts. You can choose XM through EVE Ads by clicking on the paid ads or performing a paid task with registration instructions. This is precisely the main topic of this publication.

This is a condition of a paid registration task: Register real account in XM. Take the prospect of making thousands of money a day and being financially independent. For free training you can contact me at e-mail Please provide a registered real account number in XM for approval. However, once users fulfill the registration condition, they write their email addresses instead of the registered XM account number. Accordingly, I don't know whether the user in EVE Ads cheats that he has made a registration.

To trade with your trading account in XM, you need to verify it with ID - identity documents. After checking the documents and approving, you will receive a $ 30 or € 25 no deposit bonus. Upon deposit, you receive up to 50% deposit bonus.

If you have difficulty or questions, you can always contact me by email:

Of course, in the future, you'll be able to choose XM and in

You can also choose XM directly here. XM

New Regular Prices of Rent Referrals
Published on 15-08-2017

Hello friends and members!

As you know, I check everything I offer.
This publication is related to the price of Rent Referrals.
Watching my test pack with Rented Referrals, I calculated that the price of $ 0.50 per month is too high.
After 8 days, the current Rented Referrals must be rented again, for the first time in EVE ADS. I will set new prices for the Rent Referrals, so nobody will be affected.

New Regular Prices of Rent Referrals:

0 -> 250 - $ 0.27
250 -> 500 - $ 0.28
501 -> 750 - $ 0.29
751 -> 1000 - $ 0.30
1001 -> 1250 - $ 0.31
1251 -> 1500 - $ 0.32
1501 -> 1750 - $ 0.33
Over 1750 - $ 0.34

As you know, the different types of memberships can rent a different number of referrals. Prices are not formed according to the maximum for renting referrals for the respective membership. For example Premium membership can rent up to 2000 Rent Referrals. The first 250 for price $0.27, over 500 - $0.28 and so on.

Whish you all the best.

Sincerely, Evgenia Gencheva

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